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The Medical Waste Solution For Safer Communities

Safe Medical Waste Disposal On Location

Medical waste, including unused prescription medications, used syringes, used needles and used lancets, has been strictly controlled by governments for decades to protect the general public from physical injury and secondary infection from accidental needlesticks. In the U.S. medical waste disposal by medical institutions is closely monitored by state and local governments as well as the FDA and EPA in the interest of public health.

But the exponential increase in doctor-prescribed injectible medications in recent years has resulted in billions of used needles, used syringes and other medical waste entering the household waste stream annually with a corresponding increase in needlestick injuries and environmental impact. As the number of incidents and associated costs rise, more and more communities are choosing the Medical Sharps Kiosk and Unused Medications Kiosk from Johnson's Environmental Products as their preferred solution for a convenient, cost-effective and versatile sharps disposal alternative.

sharps waste
sharps waste
sharps waste

The Medical Sharps Kiosk is a secure collection receptacle designed specifically for the collection of used medical sharps and other home-generated medical waste. The Medical Sharps Kiosk is designed for indoor or outdoor installation and provides users with a practical, easy-to-use medical waste disposal option, allowing them to practice responsible sharps disposal at easily-accessible locations. As communities and states enact strict home-use sharps disposal regulations, more and more organizations and institutions are turning to the Johnson's Environmental Products Medical Sharps Kiosk to help them serve needs of the public and protect the environment.

Whether you're a hospital administrator with an eye on the bottom line, a government official looking to effect positive change, or a retailer seeking to drive customers to your location, the Medical Sharps Kiosk from Johnson's Environmental Products can work to your advantage with a cost-effective solution to a growing public health concern.

Through-The-Wall Disposal Unit

Johnson Environmental Products Through-Wall Unit allows pill containers and medical waste to be deposited through an outside drop-slot and stored in a secure indoor location for final disposal by authorized personnel. Safety design does not allow arm to enter unit.

Wall-Mount Disposal Unit

Johnson Environmental Products Wall-Mount Needle Disposal Unit features tough all steel construction with double locking front access door. Tamper proof openings and baffling system channel deposits needles into the awaiting Bio-Hazard Container for proper disposal.

Ultra-Secure Indoor Sharps Disposal Unit

Johnson Environmental Products Secure Indoor Sharps Disposal Unit (Model Nr. 88-SFP) is designed for use in prisons, treatment facilities, homeless shelters and high-security areas.